Green Grass

Success is defined in many ways, yet achieved when we understand our abilities and release thoughts and holds in limitations! Toni Stokes

Releasing you!!!

Let go of doubts and limitations.

Learn from and never dwell on past mistakes.

Follow your heart and dream big.

DonT look back!!!

Dare to live and take a chance!!!

"WHATS TRULY in your Heart?!? LOVE or Invidiousness (envy). YOUR REAL ANSWER IS what u reflect daily?! Change starts with FIRST VALUE AND KNOW YOU. Believe And Know Your Worth!!"

"“Love, peace,honor, respect, support, encourage and confidante, ( with u telling the world). Passionate, patient, comfort, caring, and friend. Which(s) do u give your mate?” …."

"I’d rather suffer then rein than rein in misery and suffer in pain. I ‘d rather wait with a smile then rush into something that will make me frown. I ’ d rather stay naive to nonsense then make it reality. I ‘d rather show love than hate u. I’ d rather let u go and admit the mistake, then let hurt wear and tear my spirit down to keep it /u. I ‘d rather prepare then waste my time and yours. I’d rather carpe Diem then waste and miss opportunities. Id rather live (infinitum) without limitation then let the blind limit them. I ‘d just rather…. T.S."

"Stop the Excuses! We say we can’t find the time that we can easily make. Reach out 2some u love 2day B4 its 2late! Time waits 4no one!!"

Toni Stokes

"Face Reality! If U Don’t Like It Change Your Reality!!"

"If u really want something bad u just do it. U will find ways to get whatever u desire done. 2try is to procrastionate longer in completely the obvious. Just do it all ready!"

"Platinum Dreamzzzzzz!!!!"

"Never, never, never, never give up!"